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Vaping Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Vaping in Public


Vaping Etiquette: The Do’s and Don’ts of Vaping in Public

There is a common misconception among vapers that because vaping doesn’t produce smoke or as much of a harsh smell, that anything goes as far as public vaping is concerned. This is just that – a misconception.

Because vaping is still relatively new, it’s important for vapers to maintain a solid reputation for the vaping community to convey the idea that vaping is much less harmful than tobacco. This is especially important because some parts of the world are implementing new rules that restrict vaping in certain areas. We have the power as a community to influence the general public into being more accepting of vaping.

In conclusion, as vapers, we should ensure that we are aware of those around us while vaping in public. Here are some tips to good vaping etiquette.

Always Follow Regulations

If you’re in an area that happens to restrict vaping, simply follow the rules! If you’re not sure about the status of vaping, then it’s better to ask a staff member. Thankfully in SA, there aren’t too many vaping restricted areas yet, but be on the lookout!

Don’t Vape Giant Clouds

Especially if you’re in a crowded area, cloud chasing can be seen as being rude or obnoxious. Restrain your cloud chasing to your home, vape stores/bars, or designated vaping areas.

Don’t Vape Near Pets or Children

Just as you wouldn’t smoke near kids or animals, don’t vape near them either. Vaping can have adverse effects on animals, and it’s always better to be safe around children. Also ensure that you never leave your vaping equipment unattended around children!

Don’t Vape in Crowded Areas

Although second hand vapour isn’t necessarily harmful, it’s still rude to unleash a cloudful of bubblegum vapour into someone’s personal space.

If You’re in the Company of Others – Always ask!

If you’re around friends or acquaintances and you feel like you need to vape, simply ask those around you if they mind if you fire it up. Often times, if they understand that second hand vapour isn’t a problem, they shouldn’t have an issue with it. When in doubt, just ask!

Vaping is perceived the same way as vapers are perceived – practicing proper public etiquette will ensure that more safe vaping spaces are created. Keep this in mind when enjoying a vape in public!


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