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How to Survive the Summer Heat While Vaping


How to Survive the Summer Heat While Vaping

As we draw closer to peak Summer heat, the weather is creeping into supernova territory. We, South African vapers, want to enjoy the summer months and the braai season just as much as everyone else, but with a molten metallic device device in our hands all the time, it’s a genuine struggle between the heat, and forgetting our favourite bottle of juice in a hot car.

That’s why we want to offer you our favourite tips for surviving the summer while still satisfying that craving for clouds.

  1. Don’t leave your gear in a car or any other hot places!
    Unless you want your battery to have the fuctionality of a firecracker, definitely do not leave it anywhere hot, nor in direct sun. The same goes for your juice! You could be vaping that delicious baked blend one moment, and hours later retrieve it from your car to find out that it’s turned into Sour Milk Surprise. Ick…
  2. Vape higher VG juice!
    Heat and general warm temperatures can actually thin out juices slightly. Even if you prefer a thinner juice, you may still benefit from upping the VG level ever so slightly, just to prevent that sticky leaky situation.
  3. Vape summer flavours!
    Some flavours are specifically designed to vape well during summer days so you can make sure you don’t burn out. We actually have a coconut, peach & mint flavour, a mango, marula & mint flavour, an icy mint flavour, a chilled kiwi ice cream flavour, and a minty pine-nut flavour – all specifically designed to beat the heat, so you no longer have to feel like you’re trapped in a furnace.


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