EXOTICA: Official Statement from the CEO


Official statement from the CEO of Nico-E Pty Ltd.

It has come to our attention that there is a large part of the vaping market that requires lower cost vaping liquids. This need has so far been serviced by unregulated imports and DIY manufacturing using non-pharmaceutical grade ingredients and been manufactured in non-professional locations and or under unsavoury conditions (these liquids are also known as clone juices).

We as Nico-E / AvacareVape are serious to manufacture e-liquids and vaping liquids under pharmaceutical conditions and decided to provide a premium range for the lower cost requirement of the vaping market. With a huge effort, the R/D team of Nico-E manage bring together the Exotica range at an affordable price which is competitive in price with the many low-grade juices circulating the market. We maintained our high standards, if not better, and added premium flavour enhancers to ensure the best possible vaping experience, still at a very affordable price.

The vaping-community has taken this product by storm and we thank you for this. However, we have picked up that some distributors and retail outlets are not selling Exotica at its recommended selling price. We cannot enforce this, so we ask you the community to stand together with us and rather purchase EXOTICA at the shops that retail it for the recommended R120.00 per 120 ml or from our website directly.

EXOTICA was made with the intention to supply you, the community, with a premium liquid and an affordable price tag to go with it and we intend to keep it that way!

Help us, help you!

Leon van der Linde. 
CEO of Nico-E and Avacarevape.



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