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About Us

Our Company

The original company Nico-E Pty Ltd was initially founded with the intent of offering tobacco smokers a healthier and more cost-effective alternative e-smoking. Following the recent acquisition of an equity stake in the company by Avacarehealth, an International Pharmaceutical company, Nico-E has evolved into Canbitec (Pty) Ltd t/a Avacarevape.

A further milestone in the development of Avacarevape is the structuring of a strategic alliance with Afrigetics, a company at the forefront of the cultivation and processing of African herbal extracts and products which has led to the establishment of Nutraceuticals (Pty) Ltd.

Our Mission

The primary mission is to utilize our latest developed solutions (awarded with International & USA patents) to cater for consumers leaning towards natural substance intake by providing them with the purest extracted substances combined with the highest bio-availability.

Our Leaders

The Board of Directors includes qualified Medical Experts, two qualified Medical doctors, a Pharmacologist, a Botanist as well as a Chartered Accountant. Leon Van Der Linde, the CEO, is a pharmacist who holds Honours and Master’s degrees in Pharmacology.

Quality Control

As our partners and many of our associates are medical professionals the focus is on designing and manufacturing products that conform to the highest quality standards
and ethical values.

Only the finest quality and purest ingredients are used to ensure that a manufactured product adheres to a defined set of quality criteria and meets our customer expectations. Product development and manufacturing is undertaken in a recently refurbished and technologically advanced facility which conforms to stringent standards.

Our Roadmap

Avacarevape has entrenched itself in the E-Liquid and Vaping Liquid market as a supplier of top of the range products from both a quality and cost-effective perspective to the effect that Avacarevape is now contact manufacturing E-Liquids and Vaping Liquids for a variety of brands which are available commercially.

In lieu of the immensely beneficial effect of inhalation as a mode of delivery of medicines (as opposed to swallowing medicines which are subject to the limiting “first pass” effect through the gastro-intestinal system) along with the ever-increasing trend towards botanical/herbal products, the main focus of Avacarevape going forward is the ongoing development and expansion of herbal medicinal vaping products. Effective vaping medicines are already available for hay fever and sinus problems as well as
influenza and colds.

Additional products are currently under development and in the pipeline to be released in the near future. These include products for weight loss, erectile dysfunction, anti-inflammatories and analgesics, asthma, dementia and several others.

Our Research and Development

Avacarevape is positioning itself as a leader in sophisticated extraction processes of botanical medicinal products from plant/herbal materials, being at the forefront of making use of ultrasonic disruption of cell structure followed by supercritical CO2 extraction procedures with scaled temperature and pressure parameters.

The aforesaid is then followed by the simultaneous replacement of CO2 with Propylene Glycol, thereby being able to tailor-make products with the desired medication in a top-quality e-liquid ready for vaping. The respective products currently developed as well as those in our pipeline are protected by numerous patents which have been filed as required.

Our Footprint

Avacarevape has established itself with an expansive footprint in the retail market of South Africa in a relatively short space of time. Dedicated Avacarevape Kiosks, in major shopping centres are being rolled out nationally on a continuous basis. In addition to Avacarevape products being on sale at the said kiosks, knowledgeable consultants are also on hand who will impart comprehensive information on the products.

The products of Avacarevape are also available in excess of a hundred retail outlets nationally. On account of the quality of the products, Avacarevape has also entered into contract manufacturing agreements on behalf of current suppliers of other major brands of E-Liquids and Vaping Liquids.

It is the mission of AvaVape to expand the retail footprint in order to be represented throughout South Africa in the very near future.


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